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"The best art is realized when you can share the experience of making it and not just the presentation of it, so the audience is part of the creation and

not just the consumption."

Ava DuVernay

Community Screenings

Host a public screening and workshop of the documentary "Voices of the Hill" or "Freedman Town 2.0" for your community event, university, high school or other educational venue. Includes a copy of the film with a public screening license. 

Workshop Session Includes:

  • Film Screening (73min)

  • Discussion and Q & A with filmmaker

    • designed according to the needs of each audience

  • Curriculum Guide

To inquire about a workshop session, fill out the form below.

Thanks! Message sent.

Voices of the Hill DVD

Help support future Focused Arts youth programming. 

Order your personal copy of "Voices of the Hill", the full length documentary that chronicles the history of Twinsburg Heights, the historically black community in Northeast Ohio that was built from the ground up by its residents into something amazing. Filmed by local teenagers, this riveting film shows the life, vibrancy, and resilency of the Hill, telling an important part of our history. 

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